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Inspired by the liminal space between consciousness and unconsciousness, 
this onging series of abstract paintings explores a wonderland of vague forms, bold gestures and 
shimmering specters floating atop seas of texture, shadow, opacity and pattern.
These are the landscapes that I see when I close my eyes.

24K Gold Leaf, 12K White Gold Leaf, Acrylic, Gouache, Latex and Mixed Media on Canvas
2019 – 2023



My most recent paintings from the Reflections series adorned the walls of Retreat — Michelle Rothman's and Kimberly Padgett's beautiful hair and skin studio in the Lower Haight. Viewers caught a true sense of how the paintings interact within a well-designed, functional and livable environment. Several of the pieces created for the residency experimented with a new gold leaf process to play with the incredible, soft light that shifts and flows through
their studio.

While the Residency has now ended, many of the paintings are still on view at Art Explosion and Miró Studios. Please reach out to schedule appointments for viewings.

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