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About the Artist

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
— Nietzsche


I am an old soul. I started drawing when I was three, investigating with wide-eyed wonder everything around me and reflecting it back to the world with color and crayons like a little mirror. For as long as I can remember, I have been insatiably fascinated by nearly everything in the universe, from the cosmos to cobwebs — no matter how complex or ordinary. I found reciprocity between all my interests…math, science, art, music, magic. Sometimes my experiences were fraught with trouble and pain; other times they soared with epiphany and euphoria. Early on, I had this deep understanding that it was all part of the same big experience. And what elevates that experience and gives it richer meaning is seeing the beauty and mystery within all of it. To smile and embrace the full spectrum. My art is an extension of this philosophy. It is an alchemical process that helps me evolve as a sentient being.


It is with heartfelt gratitude that I share through this art. 


Signed Altaires


Altaires is a San Francisco-based artist working across a variety of platforms — painting, printmaking, photography, graphic design and multi-media. Education includes a degree in Fine Art from the University of California at Berkeley, classes at California College of the Arts and The San Francisco Center for the Book, as well as a decade of experience working as a corporate firm photographer and in-house graphic designer. Altaires has a deep passion for visual art that transcends the gallery environment and is equally accessible in the home, office or public spaces. As such, commissions and collaborations are enthusiastically welcome.

Note: All paintings in the REFLECTIONS series currently pictured on the Gallery page are available for purchase unless already noted as sold. Please feel free to inquire via the Contact Form. Thank you!

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