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About the Paintings



Inspired by the liminal space between consciousness and unconsciousness, this ongoing series of abstract paintings explores a wonderland of vague forms and shimmering specters floating atop seas of texture, opacity and pattern.

These are the landscapes that I see when I close my eyes. And like cloud gazing, stargazing, or Rorschach inkblots, when we allow ourselves to gaze outwardly with inward curiosity — to ask ourselves openly, What do I see?” we are often delighted to rediscover familiar shapes, imaginary creatures, celestial patterns or illusive memories. After all, the universe allows for all types of interpretation, from constellations to chaos; it doesn't dictate how to experience it.

I embrace this concept deeply in my abstract compositions. One viewer might see a face, a moon or a cat; another might feel an emotional response or a space of calm. Is there a comforting balance or playful tension between light and shadow, reflective metals or matte brushstrokes? Or maybe there is nothing more than the intentional splatters of pigment on a flat surface — humankind’s ancient breadcrumbs of time and gesture. All interpretations are equally valid. I invite viewers to see anything and everything that they can, or nothing at all. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, these paintings exist to dance with your eyes like mirrors.

— Altaires

Reflections — Blue No 1
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